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Welcome To

RLSS 4mans

Play With Your Friends

Play RL Sideswipe in an entirely reimagined environment to climb the leaderboard! With a completely custom Discord bot, we provide the best PUG experience completely free.

Compete with or against friends, or soon-to-be friends in the RLSS.GG community with the touch of a button, and get the best practice you can to rank up quickly and outperform your competition on the field.

Earn Special Prizes

Whether you are sweating for the top spot or a casual player looking for some fun, there are special rewards available for those who participate. Prizes can be in relation to your user profile or within the Discord, and offer special perks otherwise unobtainable.

1This Could Be YOU1356

2And Your Friend1344

3And Your Rival1298


5Your mum1269

Rise Through The Ranks

4mans splits players into groups based off their in-game ranks, however ranking up in competitive isn't the only way to progress through the groups! By pushing your ELO above the threshold you can compete against the next tier of players without needing to prove yourself in the chaos that is ranked.

Participating in 4mans requires that you are at least in platinum rank, since (as we've found) the lower ranked players don't have a need for a PUG platform like the other ranks do.

Let's Get Started

Join the Discord server to start playing 4mans.

What Is 4mans?

RLSS 4mans is a platform to compete for the top of your region outside of typical ranked. Available to players of all ranks and regions, the initial release distributes regions into three ranks: B, A, and S. Rank B is for players in platinum and diamond, rank A is for champion and grand champion, and rank S is for grand champions exclusively. 4mans is currently merging regions into three main locales, these being OCE, NA, and EU. This is done to ensure there are enough players to fill queues for everyone, and follows the way players from less populated regions play. Since season 2, we also have rank-independent regional queues for ASM, SAF, and SAM so that these regions can queue exclusively with each other without restricting who they can play based on rank.

How Does It Work?

Once registered, you will be able to see a channel under the 4mans category of the server that matches your placement. Within this channel, you can use the /queue command to join the queue for a match. Other players can then also queue until it fills. Once filled, queued players will be notified and will be required to join a voice chat. Whether or not players use comms in their match is their choice, however this is necessary to ensure all players are still active and ready to play. When all players are present, a new message will be sent with details about the match, such as who is on what team.

Players should then join a private match together with the correct teams as the bot listed and play a best of 3 series. These games must be played on S.C. Field since it is the standard 2v2 map. Once the series is completed, the score can be reported in the respective channel using the /report command. This will free up the players to requeue and update their positions on the leaderboard.

If you need to leave the queue, you can use the /leave command. If a player is inactive and in a filled queue, the bot will wait 5 minutes before cancelling the match, allowing the players to queue once again. If a match is started, it must be played. If a player chooses to dodge the game or quit mid way on a tied or winning scoreboard (both matches and in the current game), you can contact a moderator to get them to abandon the match on the player's behalf. This will only punish that one player, rather than needing the other active player to forfeit the match. However, if the team is losing, the opponents have the right to claim the victory.

One more command available to players is the /status command, which can show who is currently in the queue. This can be useful when the chat is active and queues are lost in a wall of conversation.

How Are The Leaderboards Calculated?

The leaderboard positions are based on each individual players' ELO. When a match is won or lost the player will gain or lose ELO, which can shift their place on the leaderboard. You can see your ELO in a number of places, by either checking your profile page, your rank leaderboard, or using the /elo command in the server.

The match creation message the bot sends includes a win probability. This determines who is more likely to win the match up. If the team with a greater win chance wins, they do not gain as much ELO as if the other team were to win. The same effect applies to losing, as if the expected winner were to lose the match, they would lose much more than the expected losers.

If you wish to view the leaderboards, you can do so here.

What Are The Rules?

The rules for 4mans can be found here. Please read these rules carefully before you play your first series so you know how you are expected to play and behave.