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4mans Rules

The rules have been put in place to ensure games are played fairly and that we can provide as great an experience for our players as possible. The normal server rules also apply, and there can be found here.

  1. No dodging queues

    You cannot leave a game until it has been completed. If you choose not to play you will receive a -10 ELO punishment, with continued offences resulting in temporary removal from 4mans. If you leave a series midway and are winning or tied, you will lose 10 ELO, and if you are losing, the opponents can report the win.

  2. No smurfing/alts

    Players found to be participating in 4mans while smurfing or using an alt will be banned from the server.

  3. No sharing accounts

    You must be the only person queuing and playing on your account.

  4. Report games accurately

    Either team can report the match. If the losing team chooses to report as a win for themselves, please contact the moderators and they will handle fixing the ELO changes, as well as dealing with the false claimers if necessary.

  5. Comms are optional

    We decided that since this is a mobile game it makes sense to make comms not required. It is up to you and your teammate as to whether or not you use them while playing.

If you have any questions about these rules feel free to ask us in our Discord and we will update this page where necessary.