How to Download RL Sideswipe on Mobile

Posted 7th July 2021 by FinRL

Rocket League Sideswipe is a whole lot of fun, and it was certainly awesome being able to try it out during Alpha testing back in late March, but for most people it simple wasn't an option. Because the game was only made available to countries in OCE, most of the world needed to use VPNs just to be able to download the game, and once they were in, the distance meant online play was basically impossible (at least being competitive). Because of this, the majority of players never got the chance to install the game and try it out.

While online play is still unavailable until Beta releases, there are still ways that you can play the game right now! Fortunately, you can install apps from the internet onto Android devices, meaning its possible to download and play the game before it re-releases, giving an opportunity for a head start in building mechanics and familiarity with the game.

It is important to note that you cannot download the game on iOS yet, as no version of the game has been released for it yet, so if you only have an iPhone you're out of luck! If you see a tutorial showing you how to do this, there's a 110% chance that its malicious. If there is a way to emulate Android or Android apps on iOS then sure, but if this isn't done then it definitely can't be trusted.

So without further ado, here is how you can install Rocket League Sideswipe onto your Android device.

Step 1: Download

Heading to, you can download the necessary files to install the game. Please note that this is a zipped file which needs to be extracted, and contains some other files that won't be needed for this guide. The zip is intended for use installing the game on PC, so it has a few extra files, but it also contains everything needed to download onto a phone.

Step 2: Extract

Using your preferred file manager app, you can direct yourself to your downloads folder where you should find This file is fairly large (over 600MB) so if you don't see it, it may have just not finished downloading. Once you have located it, select it and click "Extract". This will unzip the file and give you a folder containing 4 different files.

Step 3: APKMirror

If you don't already have it installed, open the file apkmirror.apk which will install the app. This app is necessary to install the game, but can be uninstalled afterwards. You can also download from the Play Store if you prefer, I just added the file here as well for convenience.

Step 4: Install

Using APKMirror, navigate back to the folder. After a few moments the rlss.apk file should show up as ready to install. Click this, and then it will ask you to watch an advertisement. This is just how APKMirror monetises their app, so once that has finished you can close the ad and hit install on the game.

Step 5: Play!

With that all completed, the game should have been successfully downloaded onto your device! You can now open it up and play. Currently you can only play free play and exhibition matches against bots, but as you start the bots are plenty challenging enough to have a lot of fun against.

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