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Moderation Guidelines

This page is dedicated to explaining the expectations and requirements of moderators for RLSS.GG. If you are a moderator, please familiarise yourself with this page, and if you are a community member, please be sure to notify the rest of the staff team if you see someone abusing their powers or breaking these rules so they can be dealt with appropriately.

Rules and Punishments

Each rule is listed with a number of specific circumstances below it. Punishments should be dealt as provided for the specific circumstance, however if no specific rules are given the punishments on the rule itself should be used. If there has been a significant amount of time since the last offense, it can be ignored and treated as a fresh start. This means if a player was, for example, being toxic a month or two ago, and they have a second offense, this can just be treated as an initial punishment.

A warning can be either using Dyno's ?warn command or simply a verbal warning done with a ping.

Initial punishmentNon-conformityRepeated offensesNo signs of remorse
1. No racial slurs or discrimination14d BanPermanent Ban
2. Avoid political discussionWarning3d Mute7d BanPermanent Ban
3. Keep conversation relevantWarning3h Mute1d Mute
4. No spamming3h Mute1d Mute7d Mute
- Spamming GIFs and other attachments1d Mute14d Ban
5. Keep conversation relevantWarning3h Mute1d Mute7d Mute
6. Only English is allowed in text chatsWarning3h Mute1d Mute7d Mute
7. Only ping staff if urgentWarning3d Mute7d Ban
8. No breaking Psyonix agreements14d BanPermanent Ban

Rules as well as brief explanations can be viewed here.

Moderator Expectations

Moderators are essential for keeping a server from turning into a mess. However, mods are still members of the community and are held under extra scrutiny. As well as the expectations listed in the rules, some apply specifically to moderators:

  • Do not brag or try to act superior because of your position
  • Do not do joke punishments (e.g. "Hey you should mute me")
  • Always stay positive and try to keep chats civil
  • Do not share screenshots of private channels, such as moderator chats
  • Respect the CAN'T COUNT role, regardless of your ability to chat anyway
  • Queue only into your correct rank and region for 4mans


When a ticket is created, it will notify all online moderators. If a ticket has been created as a complaint of a moderator, that moderator should not be the one to handle the ticket. Tickets are also created to update 4mans rank or to get the verified grand champion role. These requests require screenshot proof of their profile to ensure they are legitimate. In past, 4mans has used the player's highest current rank, however now it only considers the 2s rank, since rank distribution has evened out since the game's initial release.

Once a ticket is resolved, it can be archived, which allows it to be reviewed if necessary, while also allowing the player to create a new ticket in the future, as only 1 active ticket is allowed at a time.

Moderator Commands

A number of commands have been created for use by moderators, whether it be through Dyno or the RLSS bot. These are the available commands that are necessary for use:


  • ?warn @User [reason] - Warn a user
  • ?mute @User [duration] [reason] - Mute a user
  • ?ban @User [duration] [reason] - Ban a user
  • ?modlogs [id] - View warn, mute, and ban history of a user
  • ?warnings [id] - View warnings history for a user
  • ?whois [id] - See account information of a user


  • !ask - Sends a message saying to ask a question instead of asking to ask
  • !setrank @User [rank] - Set or update a user's 4mans rank
  • !playgame @Players - Simulate a 4mans game being played
    @Players should be several players depending on the format of the game, where the first half of players mentioned are the winners, and the second half are losers
  • !abandon [id] @Abandoners - Abandon a 4mans game
    @Abandoners represents pinging all players who abandoned the match, and can also be nobody
  • !queue - Returns a JSON view of all players currently in queues
  • !games - Returns a JSON view of all games currently active or ready to start

When giving reasons for the Dyno moderation commands, give a simple and clear reason, such as "spam". This reason is sent to the offender and also stored in the logs which is why it is necessary to be clear.

When a player needs their rank to be set, use the !setrank command, and never manually set the roles. This command also updates the database, and if a role is changed manually the player's ELO will not be reflected in this change, and their following game will both have incorrect ELO gain/loss, but also will result in their rank setting back to what it was previously.