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Grand Champion Verification

In order to verify that you are a Grand Champion, we have a couple steps that we need to take. Unfortunately, there is no public API to check ranks, so it must be done manually.

Verification Process

To begin the process, create a ticket on our Discord server. In the thread, post a screenshot of your profile in-game which displays your current ranks (example below).

In-game profile screenshot

Typically, we will then request a second screenshot where we ask you to change something, such as the title you have equipped. We do this to ensure you didn't just pull the screenshot off the internet and change your name on Discord to match the screenshot (this happens a lot more than you'd think).

If this is satisfactory, we will approve the verification, giving you the Verified GC role and closing the thread. With this you can then register for Rank S in 4mans. If you are already registered in a lower rank, you will also need to request a rank-up.

Please be patient through the process, as sometimes it can take several hours for us to respond and complete the process. Typically it is resolved within 24 hours.


In order to receive the Verified GC role, you need to have been a Grand Champion in RL Sideswipe. We do allow you to be verified as a Grand Champion even if you aren't currently one, provided you got it previously and are currently Champion in at least one mode.


We reserve the right to decline your verification under the following situations:

  • You were boosted, or actively participate in boosting others
  • Your screenshots are modified (e.g., Photoshop)
  • You attempted to use someone else's screenshots
  • You colluded with another player to get your Discord account verified
  • You were previously rejected for one of the above reasons
  • Moderator discretion (edge cases deemed reasonable)

Doing any of the above will result in you receiving a Verification Banned role, which indicates you will not be accepted in future. If you have this role and wish to appeal, you can do so by submitting a ban appeal.